Babysitter List

The following residents, or their children, are available to babysit in and around Colonial Hills.

  • Rosemary Harris, 614-436-6294, baby sitter children 8 wks-24 mo.
  • Lily Millwater, 614-844-3836 (cell), or 614-396-6144, Red Cross Certified baby sitter
  • Jesse Lilly, 614-352-4515, baby sitter
  • Mara Miller, 614-623-0104, Red Cross Certified babysitter
  • Ali Diehl, 614-633-8059, Red Cross Certified baby sitter
  • Julia Orloff, 614-885-4963, Red Cross Certified baby sitter
  • Lauren Frenz, 614-715-7784 (cell), Red Cross Certified baby sitter
  • Emma McKeegan, 614-318-5704, Red Cross Certified baby sitter
  • Andrea Nadolny 614-781-8821, Girl Scout Certified baby sitter, “Safe Sitter” certified (SS)
  • Regan Jones, 614-318-9182

Additionally, the following Colonial Hills residents offer other services:

  • Mitchell Button, 614-846-5620, raking leaves, shoveling snow
  • Edy DeGood, 614-783-5436, pet sitter “Little Paws Big Heart Pet Sitting” (licensed & background checked)
  • Gabe McCallister, 614-678-3156, dog walking & pet clean-up
  • Harrison George, 614-787-3261; pet sitter
  • Matthew Harrison, 614-888-6360; house/pet sitter, mowing

A current list also appears each month in the Courier.

If you would like to be added to or removed from this list, please contact Ken Paul

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