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Answers for the July 4th Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Here are the answers for the Scavenger Hunt. We hope you enjoyed our Virtual 4th of July! 🙂

July 4th Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

The list of items for the scavenger hunt is here in Word format or here in PDF format.

You can print out this list, or bring it up on your phone, as you are walking around the neighborhood, and fill out the street address for each of the items on the list. The answers will be published here on July 5.

This list contains a thumbnail-size photo for each item on the list – also, you can bring up the 10 large-size photos for these items, in the same order as the list, by clicking the “Continue reading” link below.

And as you are walking around the neighborhood, stop by the corner of Indianola Ave and Park Blvd for a goody bag and bike safety gear. One per child please. While supplies last!

(To view the pics, with photo credits to the Secret Judges – please click the “Continue reading” link below)

_01 windsocks in the tree and/or field of pinwheels
_02 vertical flags on every window
_03 flag-lined driveway
_04 a little bit of everything!
_05 groovy tie dye
_06 America sign
_07 driveway chalk art
_08 bunting and flags
_09 spray-painted yard / balloon arch
_10 Uncle Sam blow-up

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4th of July House Decorating Contest and Photos

The judges have spoken! Here are the 5 favorite houses:

  • 5616 Indianola Ave.
  • 5671 Indianola Ave.
  • 409 Park Blvd.
  • 5568 Morning St.
  • 73 E. Riverglen Dr.

Thank you to everyone who got on board with this new contest. Don’t forget that a neighborhood scavenger hunt will be released here tomorrow morning (the 4th). The hunt will take you to see the winning houses and others!

(And here are the pics, in the same order as the above list, with photo credits to the Secret Judges – please click the “Continue reading” link below to see these photos)

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Virtual 4th of July, 2020

We will be celebrating Independence Day this year as a community, in ways that we are together, but separate! Here are the details for our events:

Virtual 5k

Please see the Virtual 5k Run thru the Hills 2020 blogpost below for details, including completing your virtual activity between July 4 thru July 18 and sending in your times.
And don’t forget to register now, before registration closes!

July 4th House Decorating Contest

  • Get out your flags, banners and lights and decorate your house in the red, white and blue!
  • Judges will be driving around the neighborhood the evening of Thursday, July 2nd (from a safe distance) to vote on the best!
  • Winners receive bragging rights in the next Courier and on the neighborhood Facebook page.

Colonial Hills Sparkling Sparklers Spectacular!

  • Get out in your front yard and play with your sparklers. We hope the streets light up like they do on Luminary Night.
  • Times:
    7 PM for the little ones with early bedtimes
    10 PM for those of us with no bedtime

Bike Decorating Contest

  • Even though the Kiddie Parade may be cancelled, kids can still decorate their bikes, scooters and wagons.
  • Take a picture of your creations and post them on the Facebook event page for socially distant judging. (No problem, if you don’t want to post your child’s picture! A photo of the bike, scooter or wagon will suffice.) Judging will be in the following categories: tricycles, bicycles, wagons, strollers, scooters, and pets.
  • Winners receive bragging rights!

July 4th Scavenger Hunt and Goody Bag/Bike Safety Gear

  • The CHCA will create a neighborhood decoration scavenger hunt as a fun incentive to get outside with your families on the 4th.
  • Check back here on the CHCA website, or on Facebook, on the morning of the 4th to find the list of items for the scavenger hunt, along with photos for these items. Print out this list, or bring it up on your phone, as you are walking around the neighborhood, and fill out the street address for each of the items on the list. The answers will be published here on July 5.
  • Also, as you are walking around the neighborhood, stop by the corner of Indianola Ave. and Park Blvd. for a goody bag and bike safety gear. One per child please. While supplies last!

“The Amazing Giants”

  • The stilt walking duo will tour the streets of Colonial Hills from 11:00am-1:00pm, per this route map.
  • As you can see, the parade route for this Stiltwalker Parade starts at Indianola Park and works its way thru Colonial Hills: up to Colonial, across to Andover, down Andover to Selby Park, west on N. Selby to Greenwich, up Greenwich to Park Blvd, then west on Park Blvd to Hartford, then up to Southington, and finishes on Southington at High Street. There are a few locations along the route for families to set up chairs.
  • Be sure to maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet from the performers!

Food Trucks

  • Kenny’s Meat Wagon will be set up in front of his house at 528 N. Selby Blvd. from 11AM -2PM. Please note that you can order ahead, and pick up your food when it is ready at the Meat Wagon at his address (not Selby Park), by using this ordering service: – Kenny’s Meat Wagon

And remember, even though it’s a pandemic, fireworks are still illegal!
Please be respectful of your neighbors.

Virtual 5K Run Through the Hills 2020

This year the Run Through the Hills 5k is going virtual! We can’t get together in a big group but we’ve seen everyone training outside since the gyms have closed and think you need some recognition (and a really cool t-shirt) for all your hard work.

You can complete the 5k at any time between July 4 – July 18 and have the option to walk or run the actual course or you can be creative with it. Hop on a treadmill and log the 3.1 miles, map out a 5k course through one of the parks or at your vacation home, run up and down the stairs in your house until you’ve reached 3500 steps (the average # of steps taken during a 5k) and fill up our Facebook page with your time & sweaty selfies. Even in a pandemic, to paraphrase Jeff Spain “every day is a good day for a 5k!”

Registration for our Virtual 5K is now OPEN! There are two ways to register for this activity:

  • Online
    Registration closes on July 3 at 5:00 PM.
  • Download the mail-in form, and mail it in, to the Colonial Hills Civic Association, c/o “Run Through the Hills,” P.O. Box 676, Worthington, address shown on the form. Please ensure that you mail in your form in time for it to be received in our P.O. Box by Wednesday, July 1. Please fill out a separate form for each runner in your household, so that we can correctly designate each runner as to name, age, and gender.

The registration entry fee is as follows:

  • $15.00 – register before 5:00 PM, July 3

Registration will score you a commemorative 2020 t-shirt. Please make sure you fill in an accurate email address so that we can notify you with details for the t-shirt pick up after the virtual race has closed.

As stated above, you can complete your 5k at any time between July 4-July 18. If you’d like to do the traditional run through our Hills & Dales you can click here to see the map, but in the name of social distancing you are welcome to find a 5k route in another location. We want to see where you are and what you’ve done so please post pictures and comments on our Facebook page!

Regardless of your activity, when you are finished with it, you can turn in your time (not required however), by e-mailing your results to
Please include your name and your time in your message.

Finally, you will note that your registration asks whether you want to have your race results published (the default is No). If you change your mind after you register, please include your final choice regarding publishing your time in your e-mail message to us.

Another blogpost, as well as the Courier, will describe the rest of the Colonial Hills Independence Day activities.

An Update from the Colonial Hills Civic Association

  1. Due to the current public health crisis and as directed by the Governor of Ohio, we have decided to postpone the Easter Egg Hunt:
    – Saturday, 3/28: Easter Egg Stuffing POSTPONED
    – Saturday, 4/4: Easter Egg Hunt POSTPONED
    – Tuesday, 4/14: CHCA Meeting is currently planned to be held AS SCHEDULED (We usually get fewer than 100 people in attendance 🙂 )
    We hope to reschedule these events for later this year. Stay tuned for details.
  2. You will be receiving the next issue of the Colonial Hills Courier in the next few weeks.
  3. At this time, the CHCA is unable to create or manage any type of formal “check on your neighbor” program. With that said, we would encourage you to talk with those who live around you and exchange phone numbers with them if you are comfortable doing so. It would be wonderful for all neighbors (not just those who can reach out via Facebook) to have someone to contact if they are in need during this uncertain time!
  4. Visit for up to date neighborhood information.

Thank you for continuing to make this “the friendly community!”

– Emma McCandlish Lindholm, CHCA President

Join Boundless on a Campus Walking Tour

You’re invited for a walking tour, learning more about the emerging campus vision for Boundless to create a center of excellence for the people we serve and to the community where we reside. Attendees will learn where new buildings and infrastructure might be placed and are invited to share their feedback.

The 60-minute tour will feature:

  • Potential location for a new “loop” road, surrounding the Boundless portion of the property
  • Potential location for a future Autism Center, serving 130 children and families
  • Potential location for a future Training and Events Center, serving Boundless and the greater community
  • Potential location for a future Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic

We are still in the idea-generation and financing stages and want you to see what we’re thinking and share your thoughts! All tours begin and end in the lobby of Building G on the Worthington Campus, 445 E Dublin Granville Road, Worthington. Please use visitor parking in the front of the building.

Tours will happen regardless of weather, so please dress for walking in the elements.

Tour Dates/Times:

  • Tuesday, March 3, 2020: 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
  • Tuesday, March 3, 2020: 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
  • Wednesday, March 4, 2020: 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
  • Wednesday, March 4, 2020: 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Questions? Visit BoundlessFuture to learn more. This site can also be used to share comments and ask questions.

Boundless is a nonprofit with nearly forty-years’ experience providing person-centered services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and behavioral health challenges.

Contact Information:
I Am Boundless, Inc., 445 E. Dublin Granville Rd., Worthington, OH 43085
Telephone: 614-844-3800
Website: I Am Boundless, Inc.

Register for Building Doctor Clinic – March 5, 2020, 7:00 PM

The Colonial Hills Civic Association is co-hosting another new event this year! Please join us on March 5, at 7:00 PM, at the Griswold Center for a Building Doctor Clinic, as shown in the flyer below.

Please note: if you wish to have your home considered for inclusion for one of the FREE in-home consultation visits by the Building Doctor, you must pre-register and note in your registration that you are requesting that your home be included. Otherwise, please just register (so that they know approximately how many people are planning to attend). Regardless of your pre-registration, walk-ins will not be turned away! Please see details in the flyer below.

To register, click here: Worthington Building Doctor Clinic

And for more info about the Building Doctors, click here: Ohio History Connection Building Doctor

Building Doctor

Big thanks to Mullen-Hawkins Keller Williams Capital Partners for co-sponsoring this event with us!

The Ornithopter Jeremy Harris Built

The CHCA wanted to ensure that a wider audience could appreciate the breathtaking scientific and engineering accomplishment of one of our longstanding Colonial Hills neighbors, as reported in the October, 2019 Courier article “The Ornithopter Jeremy Harris Built.” We include some additional information and media after the reprinted Courier article to more thoroughly explain this wonderful result brought to fruition after years of agonizing failures. We hope that some young folks will be inspired by this story of decades of visionary effort, of how science and engineering are actually done, to become scientists and engineers themselves. Enjoy!

*** Reprinted from the October, 2019 Colonial Hills Courier ***

Reported by Ron Sears

This is a story about absolute dedication to accomplish something no one has ever done before. It’s about failing again and again and learning something new each time, until one incredible moment when everything works. It’s about an IMAX film crew no less showing up to film for wide spread publication what everyone expects will be yet another failure after 23 years of failure – but this time, this time, everything works and your creation flies perfectly! And then, with the IMAX cameras rolling again like this happens every day, it flies perfectly a second time.

It’s about two young Battelle engineers, Jeremy Harris and Jim DeLaurier, who many years ago, just for the fun of it, by themselves at first, and later with a team of students at the University of Toronto, took on the engineering challenges to build and demonstrate a new way to make a controlled mechanical system fly literally like a bird. And it’s a story about Colonial Hills since much of the invention, design and testing took place right here on Park Overlook Dr.

An Ornithopter is an aircraft that flies by flapping its wings (Greek ornithos “bird” and pteron “wing”). Jeremy’s project was to build the first one ever to be powered by an internal combustion engine and under control during its flight.

How many of you knew Colonial Hills was where the critical components of the first internal combustion-powered controlled-flight Ornithopter were invented, designed, built and tested? Did you know a massive wooden wind tunnel to test these components once filled most of your neighbor’s basement? It’s gone now, but I can’t help imagining how a Real Estate Agent might describe this feature when selling the home.

Decades of ideas, prototypes, testing, failure, learning and trying again. A break-through patented idea called “shearflex.” Forever patient families making this project part of their vacation schedules as their children grew up. A long series of prototypes the kids took to calling Mr. Bill, since they always ended up crashed and broken in testing. Look up some classic SNL skits if you have never heard of Mr. Bill.

As you continue reading, we invite you to be there the day Mr. Bill flies for the first time, by playing this video which Mr. Harris has generously given us permission to load to the website:
Mr. Bill First Flight
Notes: 1) Please be patient for this 10 minute 0.5 gigabyte video to download to your device for your media player application, possibly a few minutes; 2) If the video plays with only sound, your media player application is missing the MPEG-2 video extension codec, which you need to download from your device’s software vendor – Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc.

As you can see from the video, after some warm up testing, the team moves to the flight test field. Note the Canadian IMAX film crew. Wait for the long absolutely stunned silence when Mr. Bill flies successfully for the first time after 23 years of work, followed by the man screaming and the other man holding him up…. The man screaming is Jim DeLaurier of the University of Toronto. The man holding him up is Jeremy Harris, your neighbor here in Colonial Hills.

And then there’s Jeremy’s design for an inexpensive wooden motor scooter published in Popular Science, and the men who built two of them and rode across a few states to visit Jeremy here in Colonial Hills. But that’s another story.

*** End of Courier Article ***

And here is some information in addition to what was in the Courier. There are three images at the end of this blogpost, including a photo of the project team and visitors on the wonderful day of that first successful remote-controlled powered flight, September 4, 1991 (see the Wikipedia article “Ornithopter”: “ … In 1991, Harris and DeLaurier flew the first successful engine-powered remotely piloted ornithopter in Toronto, Canada. …”)

And you may wish to download Mr. Harris’ detailed history of the project The Mr. Bill Story.

And even though you might want to refresh your definitions of some aeronautical terms (see the Wikipedia “Airfoil” article for more detailed definitions) – such as airfoil (cross-sectional shape of a wing), lift (component of aerodynamic force perpendicular to motion of the airfoil thru the air), (net) thrust, (parasite) drag, and yaw (nose left or right), pitch (nose up or down) and roll (one wing up, the other down) and dihedral (angle of wings above horizontal) –
before reading this history, we think you can still be swept along by this odyssey of defeat and discovery without being an aeronautical engineer. And especially awe-inspiring is the drama of the last section of the story “The Reckoning,” where the plane, which had never before been completely successfully flown, miraculously (or was it just karma?) was flown beautifully twice in a row, on one of the only two possible weather and IMAX film crew time-constrained four-day intervals!

And now for the pics – please click the “Continue reading” link below to see the following photos:

_01 The Diagram of the Ornithopter
_02 The FAI Certificate for “The First Flight Powered by an Internal Combustion Engine” September 4, 1991
_03 First Flight Team Members and Guests, at the Newton-Robinson site shortly after the 9/4/91 flights: Mr. Harris second from left, Dr. DeLaurier third from left.

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Reminder – CHCA Scholarship 2020!

Don’t Forget! The Civic Association has revamped the application requirements for our annual scholarship. In an effort to have more applications submitted and to focus on serving others, especially in our neighborhood, we have come up with a new application – which is available here in MS Word or PDF (or use the links at the right).

We encourage all high school students and those pursuing continuing education to read through the application carefully and let us know if you have any questions. Applications must be submitted by April 1, 2020!

The new application includes areas where you can choose activities based on your interests and comfort levels. Note that there is now a neighborhood project choice. This can be anything you dream up that will benefit our neighborhood, just make sure to get it approved by the Civic Association before beginning!

Last year we were able to reward a total of $3,000 worth of scholarship money and we hope to grow this number each year!